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Good Practice 2015年度秋学期


杉浦 未希子(グローバル教育センター 准教授)


Good Practice Awardに選出いただき、ありがとうございます。この授業は、文部科学省「大学の世界展開力強化事業」として採択されたSAIMSプログラム(Sophia-International Mobility for Students Programme)の一部です。





  • 一貫したテーマをSDGsというタイムリーな話題とからめ、持続可能な開発について新しい角度から見ることができた。
  • Moodleに授業フィードバックを書き込む形式が、最初は緊張したが、他学生や先生からのコメントをもらってやる気につながった。
  • 参加型の授業で自分たちで調べる課題も多く、新しい発見がたくさんあった。
  • 授業が英語で行われるため、沢山の知識とともに様々な英語表現を学ぶことができた。
  • 留学生率が高く、最初は緊張したがプレゼン準備等のグループワークを通じて一緒に授業課題に取り組むことで自信が得られた。
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the topics covered in the course. I was able to learn about a new subject area that will be beneficial in my future. The professor was passionate about the subject
  • It was an interesting course, although on a basic level it gave me some useful insights about sustainability problems and how to solve them
  • I am satisfied with the course. Teachers really committed with during the class session. Materials given are also help me a lot. I have deeper understanding on what is actually this course about.
  • I was able to understand the global developmental goals and found this course very much related to my studies


“Sustainable Development” is one of the controvertial issues these days. It needs for global efforts and we all have been included without exceptions.

How can we approach to achieving such goal?

In order to find some clue for solutions, we need to know what we really need and need not, what the historical background is, what the environmental carrying capacity as our limits, and how to balane environment and human society.

This course provide students with opportunities for thinking over what the future development we really want.

English ability is required.


  1. - Students will learn the historicla background of this concept
  2. - Based on the understanding the background, students will see how important but difficult to get win-win-win situation among environment, economy, and society.
  3. - As one of the final achievement of this course, students can present their own unique idea about how to achieve sustainable development.

Active participation is expected.

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